Visual Merchandising West Elm Style

  • A member of the Williams-Sonoma family, West Elm is brand that offers modern home furnishings at an accessible price point. To provide the client base with an endless supply of inspiration the visual team is constantly re-merchandising the sales floor. 
    Paramus, NJ
  • Summer 2012
  •  The display wall was changed to display an assortment of outdoor pillows, candle lanterns, and outdoor lights.
  • A wall dedicated to the display of essentials and accessories: Frames, Clocks, Pop Phones and Paper Weights
     Kitchen & Table Top items are merchandised by color for Late-Summer
  • Late Summer / Pre-Fall 2012
  • A prominent footprint at the front of the store displayed our fall collection highlighting our South Africa theme. 
  • The wall was remerchandised to create a clear story of sale items vs full priced items
  • Late-Summer/Pre-Fall Footprint showing out "Blue" Collection
  • Late-Summer/Pre-Fall Footprint showing our "Purple" Collection
  • A wall is merchandised to display kitchen & table top sales items.
  • Our essential Home Office collection is merchandised with our South African office collection.
  • A part of our Parson's Collection is merchandised as part of a display showcasing our 20x200 Collaboration.
  • Bed re-merchandised to display Late-Summer/Pre-Fall Bedding
     Bed is-merchandised to display Late-Summer/Pre-Fall Bedding
  • Fall 2012
    Our Fall Floorset highlighted warmer tones and bold prints. Styling was kept simple allowing the prints and colors from our collections to be the focus.
  • For Fall Floorset, our "Loft" was dedicated to both the "Purple" & "Blue" Stories
  • Early Holiday 2012
    Our inspiration for this floorset was "Come Together". Our focus was to inspire moments that our clients could use in their homes during Thanksgiving. Dining moments were styled to reflect an atmosphere of entertainment & warmth. Bedding was styled with layers to invoke warmth and coziness as inspiration.
  • A new display system adds depth to display walls. They are merchandised with decorative accessories.
  • A large table in our Kitchen area was merchandised with a "Bakers Tools" Theme with the atmosphere of a Farmer's Market
  • Through team collaboration we designed our front windows with a "color-blocking" theme using store products.