"cadillac.avalanche: grizzled, explosion loving mentor"
  • A character from my Final Project class during my Master's program last year at SCAD. It's been a back-burner project since then and I'm not even sure the concept is the same anymore so I won't waste your time with details to something that may not even exist anymore...so just look at the perty pictures.

    My goal for the class was to become better at Character Design, to develop a group of characters that appear to exist in the same world while being visually diverse and interesting.

    These are ripped straight from my portfolio layouts, which keeps the info concise and side by side to show progression. It's not as detailed as the actual process throughout the class, but I did only have 9 weeks or so to create and complete 6 original characters.

    Pencils (Adobe Photoshop CS5 was only used for presentation purposes)