Spring/Summer 2014

  • A project completed for a portfolio class, we were to select 3-5 companies within the same style and price range to design for.
  • A mix of images from the different companies to give a sense of the brands and aesthetics
  • Trend research for the 2014 season
  • Images representing the differing trends predicted for 2014
  • My interpretation of the trends into my own collection, focusing on the trends of "back-to-basics," along with a return to old values and techniques. I interpreted trends from street style summer 2013 of retro inspirations, especially 1930s shirtdresses.
  • Inspirations were drawn from 1930s prints, mixing them with a trend of sketchy pencil-line floral prints for 2014. References from style lines and necklines of the 1930s are evident in the collection.
  • The full lineup of all the looks.
  • An example of how each look and flats were presented in the final print out of the portfolio book.