Shark Week Campaign


    Promote the 22nd anniversary of Shark Week in an unconventional manner.


    Months’ prior to the season premiere, Discovery Channel released a non-traditional campaign in an urban environment, targeting both the avid Shark Week fan and newcomers to the show. To reel in new viewers the marketing strategy is directed at frequent city dwellers in hopes to catch them in an unexpected place and
    in an original way.


    Anticipate. To a large fan base, simply fascinated with sharks, this event is as anticipated as the Superbowl (only it lasts a week)! Anticipate also represents the anxious feeling we get when swimming. Everyone has a primal fear and fascination of sharks that’s innately inside them. It’s only instinct to wonder what lurks beneath.



    The idea behind the Shark Cage is to get people experiencing sharks first hand. To create suspense there will be life size sharks circling the viewers in a full 360˚ display.

    The view windows will be TV screens live feeding footage of actual cage dives. As the elevators goes up and down the JAWS Theme music intensifies through the speakers. When the elevator arrives at its desired floor the music will reach its climax and the doors will open revealing a promotional piece for Shark Week.



    Similar to the elevator, popular bus shelters will be transformed into shark diving cages. In the view window of the cage there will be screens live streaming footage of actual cage dives around the world.

    As the Shark Week bus/transportation approaches the JAWS Theme music will begin to play in the shelter. The music acts as both notification of the buss's arrival, as well as heightening the experience by keeping the audience on their toes.


    These advertisements are placed along high traffic areas and popular commuting routes. The ads are meant to catch people off guard and intrigue them to learn more about what lurks beneath the surface.
    • Examples includes: city squares, bus/train stations, and large intersections.


    The “Seal Hunt” App, partnered with Discovery Channel, will be launched months in advance to promote the season premiere of televisions most anticipated event—Shark Week. Essentially the App acts as an interactive game of “Man Hunt” played exclusively throughout major cities around the globe.

    After downloading the App and entering your city, you then join the population as a seal. The only objective is to avoid the predatory sharks, using GPS/Radar technology, as they roam the streets in search of prey. The designated hunters only goal, is to snatch up every last seal. Once a seal is hunted/tagged they are removed from the playing field.

    The Incentive: the last standing by the end of the time period win an opportunity to guest star on the following years Shark Week premiere, along with a trip to one of the worlds best shark ecotourism destinations.

    •  Use the radar to help avoid sharks throughout the city during daily commutes and travels.
    •  The street map and GPS technology will help indicate where the sharks are.
    •  See fellow players/seals that are participating in the game.


    •  As a shark closes in, you are warned with the “JAWS Theme” alarm.
    •  View the sharks profile which includes: kill count, distance, and direction of movement.


    •  This window informs you of the current seal and shark populations in your city.
    •  It also gives you the option to view where recent attacks have happened to avoid hot feeding areas.


    •  To coincide with Shark Week this window gives you a detailed line-up of events on a
        Discovery Channel TV schedule.


    •  For those who wish to learn more about sharks this window allows them to dive a little deeper.
    •  View statistics and facts like How to Avoid a Shark Attack and Ways Sharks Help Humans