Senior Year - Graduation Project

Created: 05/01/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
These are photos of the presentation board, presentation process, and renovation process.
  • Residential Interior Design Renovation
    Senior Year - Graduation Project
  •  To graduate from the high school I attended, completion of a graduation project was required. I embraced this project to the fullest to showcase my passion. My clients were Ron and Liz Hill of Lillington, NC. The clients were looking for a warm, rustic and traditional take on their master bedroom and bathroom. I started the project the summer before my senior year of high school. I wanted the clients to be involved in the process of creating their new space as much as possible.

    The scraping of the popcorn ceiling, painting of ceiling and walls were done by local painter, Rick's Painting. All of the woodwork was taken from an old tobacco barn on Mr. Hill's property, sanded and stained, and used as molding and in the custom closet work all done by Mr. Hill. We also used the existing furniture with the addition of a few pieces. New light fixtures and accessories were also added. We also repurposed a few pieces found in antique stores; an old milk jug is now used to collect spare change, and an old trunk we sanded, stained, replaced hardware, and lined with cedar is now used as a laundry hamper. 

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