SCAD Graphic Design Department Promo Poster

  • SCAD Graphic Design Department Promo Poster

    This poster and infographic was created for an Information Design class at SCAD Atlanta. The challenge we were given was to create a poster that was comprised of all the information included in the Graphic Design department’s brochure: all courses offered with course numbers and full descriptions, degrees offered and tracks, & faculty information. In addition, I included the proficiencies, or areas of concentration, that each course tests/uses/teaches, and the degree in which that proficiency is used. These proficiencies were: Typography, Print, Production+3D, Digital, and Conceptual.

    The poster is meant to balance visual appeal and information. You can read the poster by finding a course on the bottom left, following it’s line as it shows the proficiencies, and then continuing to the top for the course description. The large clouds are formed from the course levels, getting larger as the courses become higher level. The poster is also designed to be hung horizontal or vertical in order for it to fit easily on any wall space. Original poster size was 36″x28″ and is currently being displayed on the SCAD Atlanta campus.