Quiksilver Annual Report


    Redesign Quiksilvers Annual Report to give them a more classic surf and design driven feel.

    Details: Cover, Contents page, Letter to Shareholders, Corporate Message, Report of Management, Financial Highlights, Stockholders Information, Board of Directors, Mission Statement, Vision. Perfect Bound, Varnish.


    Quiksilver has the opportunity to fill an empty niche in the market that has been available for decades. They have the ability to position themselves as a well crafted, local, original, innovative, authentic, detail driven surf company. Quiksilver will once again be the surf company preferred by faithful riders who seek the perfect wave on beaches “off the grid”.


    True surf

  • Contents Page
  • Corporate Message
  • Letter to Shareholders
  • Report of Management
  • Financial Highlights
  • Stockholder Information
  • Board of Directors
  • Mission Statement
  • Brand Vision