• Poseidon
    The personal, deep sea, research suit 
  • The goal of this group project was to create a mechanized suit for a possible use in the future. Through ideation, concept refinement, and prototyping, we created a submarine inspired mech suit. Our group's unique deep sea research suit received first place out of six total mech suits. 
    It is the year 2053. Humanity, as we know it, will soon cease to exist due to a new deadly super-virus. Our only hope is to find the cure, which has been traced to the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean. This is Poseidon, a personal deep sea research suit, designed to capture rare aquatic species with a suction gun. Up to four species can be captured in containers for further research. The pressurized suit and foot propellers help Poseidon dive to depths beyond normal research submarines. With a moveable hand and claw feet, Poseidon has a good amount of dexterity to help save humanity from extinction.
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