Paper & Ink Stationery

  • Paper & Ink Stationery is a concept brand that focuses on handmade journals, notecards and gift wrappers. For this series,  a nautical theme is chosen to make it more gender neutral. The collection includes three sets of unruled journals (pocket, paperback and hardbound), all of which vary in size yet still handy enough to take wherever you go and are perfect for jotting down ideas and doodles. On the other hand, the blank notecards and gift wrappers are meant to trigger nostalgia about handwriting what nots to friends or ripping presents open during special occasions. 
    For the packaging, a simple belly band is chosen to highlight the designs. This also enables buyers to easily see and feel the products. To further highlight the handmade aspect of the brand, brown paper was the chosen material, with the logo individually screen printed on each band.