Marmite Blogger Drop

Created: 06/19/12
Last Edited: 05/09/14
Blogger drop package to promote Marmite's new campaign
  • Marmite Blogger Drop
  • Customised Marmite Jars
  • Marmite Ink Jars
  • Lazer engraved Marmite journal, nib pens and USB drives
  • T-Shirt graphic artwork
  • Illustrations for customised Marmite jars
  • Miss Moss box design
  • Between 10and5 box design
  • Cape Town Girl box design
  • Handsome Things box design
  • We-Are-Awesome box design
  • Bangers and Nash box design
  • Mahala box design
  • Don't Party box design
  • 2 Oceans Vibe box design
  • Miss Milli B box design
    Marmite Website
    Each blogger was featured on the marmite website for a day from 1 June- 10 June

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