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  • Kinetic Life Coaching
    Branding and Web Design
  • Kinetic Life Coaching is the personal life coaching practice of my friend Brian Emmet. Brian was looking to develop a brand and launch a website based on the following brand attributes: 



    The semiotics for the brand were derived from simple expressions of kinetic energy: namely particles in motion as exhibited below by BMW's kinetic sculpture 
  • (CC Photo Credit: Iain Farrell)
  • Using the semantic differential to evaluate concepts, survey participants indicated that a modern serif like Museo communicates brand attributes such as personal while the "cannon ball" dot on the i suggests velocity, related to the catalyzing attribute.
  • To incorporate the brand attributes "personal" and "profound", seamless patterns were derived from skin wrinkles, suggesting human touch and wisdom. The undulating wave pattern also suggests movement.
  • A warm color palette suggests a friendly, comfortable environment similar to what might be found in a coffee shop.
  •  Responsive web design using skeleton framework for Wordpress.  
  • Here, the wave pattern is repeated for the site's background.
  • To communicate the Kinetic brand visually, I selected creative commons photography suggesting themes of activity, dynamics, discovery, and guidance.  The photos were treated with an earthy vignette.

    Thanks for viewing! You can check out the site @