Game Assets

  • This is a collection of some of my environment and level work I did for Kaneva's MMO game "World of Kaneva."
  • 1) Low-poly game assets I modeled and textured for Kaneva's MMO game "World of Kaneva." The assets are optimized to work well with the large numbers of players in the virtual world and the constraints of the game engine.
  • 2) Weapons, props, and a level design for Kaneva's dart gun in-world game "Ka-Ching!"
  • 3) Some of the levels I worked on at Kaneva. I was responsible for modeling and texturing most of the assets and environments shown here, as well as their integration, alternative collision creation, visual culling, etc.
    All the effects (anything burning, smoking, glowing, flickering, etc.) utilize a texture blending method I came up with which was widely used in the game. It involves feeding a control texture which blends the strategically-positioned and collapsed second set of UV's on an objet with per-pixel information for desired effect. These can involve turning things on and off (as with the halloween paintings in the video below) or their most widely used function was to "program" the dance floors in the game (as can be seen here.)