An assortment of work that I contributed towards while working as a Graphic Designer for DiscoveryCreative (some approved—while others not). All of this work is in thanks to the collaboration, creative direction and guidance from amazing mentors—managers, creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters, proofers,  photographers, account managers & staff here at Discovery.

    SVP:  Derek Koenig
    VP:  John Saag, James Gilbey, Jennifer Cortner
    Creative Director's:  Andrew Heckel, Michael Hrizuk, Linas Virbikas, Dan Cavey, David Memmott
    Art Directors:  Michael Hrizuk, Anthony Romano, Allison Wolfe, Greg Stein
    Copy Writer:  Andrew Heckel, Mike Baireuther,
    Designer's: Luke Anderson, Dave Schnupp, Nancy Bell, Maria Caruso, Dan Comite, Natalie Eyerman, Travas Vargas, Sherry Saunders
    As well as the entire DiscoveryCreative: Account, Director's, Producers, Managers, Production, Interactive + Web, DCTC, Photo Producers and Editor's.


  • GOLD RUSH Concept Boards for digital campaign.