School of Motion: Jofie collaboration

  • We are excited to share this looping animation based on the magic of collaboration!

    Looking for an opportunity to create a fun piece of work together, we approached School of Motion about wanting to expand upon a t-shirt design that Sofie had made for them. We wanted to tell a brief, abstract story about the creative journey, touching on the spark of inspiration, the exploration of intentions, the narrowing of ideas, and the commitment to the partnership of making something beautiful and meaningful.

    Creative partnerships have the power to cultivate a product that must consider the point
    of view of everyone involved. Truly working together to make something special demands an active attention to listening and learning to rope in all perspectives, so that the collaboration can produce the most honest piece of work.

    Huge thanks to our friend Sean for crafting the amazing sound and music for this project!
    We wanted the audio to feel wondrous, illuminating, eclectic, and fulfilling, and we're excited about how well it breathes into the design and motion.

    If you’d like to see more details about the project with some explanations, here is a link to an article interview with a breakdown of our process: School of Motion: Interview with Jofie

    Thanks for looking :)

    Client: School of Motion /

    T-shirt Design: Sofie Lee /

    Storyboard: Jon Riedell, Sofie Lee
    Design: Sofie Lee
    2D/3D Animation: Jon Riedell 
    Music/Sound Design: Sean Smith