Woven Contrasts and Contradictions

    Mother vs. Father
    I constructed a design to visually express the contrast between femininity and masculinity. The inspiration for this fabric comes from my memories of watching my mother and father get ready for work in the morning, my father putting on his white tube socks, while my mother put on her delicate pearls and nude panty hose. I chose to weave with the Rosepath structure using a 10 dent reed.
    Weft Materials: 
    Feminie: 5/2 cotton, Pink Tulle, Fused Pearl Strands, Lace Trim and Women's sheer tights
    Masculine: 5/2 Cotton, Worsted Yarn, Leather, Metal Chain and Men's tube socks.
  • Land vs. Sea
    Having always lived in a rural town in Texas known for their year long droughts, coming to Savannah and being surrounded by water inspired my concept to contrast elements of land and sea. I selected to weave with the colors I observe in these two dissimilar environments interlacing dry raffia and moss along with fishing net and lures enhanced by the blue warp threads. I elected to weave with the Ephrata Lace Curtain structure reminiscent of waters' movement and land rigidness
    Weft Materials: 
    Land: Bamboo Yarn, Sage Raffia, Moss, Rayon Chenille and Fishing Net
    Sea: Yarn, 5/2 Cotton, Silver Metallic Embroidery Floss and Culprit worm fishing Lure
  • Virus vs. Healthy 
    My reflection on how the bodies cycle alternates between the contasting ideas of health and sickness was the inspiration for this woven fabric. Through materials and color choice I conveyed my body cycle concept; the rubber space balls illustrate the period for which a virus disrupts a body's standard and healthy condition which is seen through the use of pure and lively white yarns along with Vitamin C packets. I decided to weave on a loom threaded with New Canaan Check weave structure with a 10 dent reed.
    Weft Materials:
    Virus: Mercerized Cotton, Yarn, Space Ball Bouncy Ball
    Healthy: Cotton Yarn, Rayon Chenille and Emergen-C Vitamin C Packs
    Tabby: Grey 5/2 Mercerized Cotton