Life is a Dream book cover

  • Life is a Dream book cover
    Nikon D7000, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Print, Razor, Wax, Molding,
    Project Concept
    The 378 year old book, has stood the test of time regarding its literary genius. Even though it was written by a famous author and being a world renowned book, it has never had a decent book cover. The concept was to design a cover worthy of the book.
    Research Description
    Detailed historical research of Life is a Dream book. Style according to book time an geographic setting. Research also included on how to create wax seals.
    Target audience
    Target audience includes young adults Men and Women, 18 years and up.
    Design Solutions
    The design solutions came from the literary elements. The story begins with a young polish prince imprisoned for prophecies concerning his reign. Having a son I was able to volunteer him for the photography. I was also able to age and photograph textured paper for the background. The typography needed to match the elaborate style of that time. A clay wax stamp was created and baked in order create a wax seal that would reflect the royal theme of the story.
  • Final Solution
  • Clay Stamp and Wax Seal