Modern Poker Cards

  • Modern Poker Card
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Print
    Project Concept
    The concept of this project is to design a deck of cards that appeals to a younger demographic.
    Research Description

    Detailed design research of poker cards throughout history. Research was also completed over the style, color, efficient use of cards while playing and message communicated to fellow players.
    Target audience
    Target audience includes young adults Men and Women ages 18-35.
    Design solutions

    Layout considerations began with the need to make sure that value and suit of cards held were efficiently visible to user. The lack of value/suit traditionally placed diagonally across is omitted to dissuade users with wondering eyes. Reverse side of cards reads "GO AHEAD GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY" (sic). This bold challenge is meant to make fellow players think twice about calling the player's bluffs.
  • Final Solution
  • Digital Thumbnails