NYC 5 Boro Pub Crawl

  • The NYC 5 Boro Pub Crawl
    The evolution of an event brand
  • What started as an idea that came about because a friend was moving to Germany, has become so much more. All she asked was to have one day that she could see New York by visiting a bar in each borough. So, I put together a list, got out my map and set up the initial itinerary of our Pub Crawl. It encompassed the entire city, all 5 Boroughs in one day: traveling, drinking, conversing & having fun! Since that year, it has become a tradition. This yearly event has given me the opportunity to create and re-brand the pub crawl's logo each year. 

    Below are some of the Pub Crawl logos that I have created to brand our crew as we visit each borough.