The Monki App

  • The Monki App is a mockup project for the fashion brand Monki.

    The mobile application was created for my Master thesis and it was tested with 11 users from all over Europe.
    The goal of the project was to integrate the current e-commerce and social shopping features of the brand
    in an interactive and easily navigable flow system.

    In addition to the app, a promotional material (such as App Store page, Landing page and Newsletter)
    was created in order to launch the product online.
  • Style guide
  • Home, New Arrivals and Product pages
  • Create Your Profile page
  • While creating their profile, users can insert specific information for personalized purchase suggestions.
  • Home page with clickable sliding banners and gifs
  • Menu side tab.
  • New Arrivals page with side Filters bar
  • Product page
  • Monkisphere section
  • We are Monki page
  • Monki Thinks page
  • Chat feature
  • The Chat feature is an opportunity to provide a personalized assistance to customers.
  • Information architecture
  • App prototype
  • App Store page
  • Landing page
  • Newsletter