CAMEL CIGARETTES | Limited Edition Packaging

  • I got the honor of being commissioned by JRJ Tobacco Company to illustrate a series of 3 limited edition Camel Crush Packs along side two other artists for their Artist Camel Collectors Packs.

    Client: JRJ Tobacco Company
    Agency: Havas Chicago
    Assignment: Camel Collector Packs (Crush Edition)
    Art Direction & Illustrations: Maf Rodriguez
    Year: 2019

  • Taking Specialty Pack to New Heights

    As an illustrator, visual designer and DJ, MAF is an expert at constructing unusual worlds with her work. And as it turns out, those worlds are the perfect home for Camel.

  • When first tasked with creating her own Camel Crush pack design, she imagined 
    “a world that’s fresh and cool.”

  • “It’s the world I would live in.” We second that.

  • Her process begins like almost all creative endeavors — with pencil and paper. 
    “Old school, ya know?”

    Then it moves to a tablet, where she brings her sketches to life.

  • And her most important tool of all is what sparks her creativity. “To illustrate, I need music. To make music, I need to illustrate. When I draw, I’m always thinking about music and how it would look if it were graphic.”

  • MAF has an eye (and ear) for the unusual. And while her designs are grounded in celestial scenes, the palm trees and tropical elements are a bit more familiar to her. She’s lived in Venezuela, Costa Rica, then Savannah and now in Spain, where her Barcelona studio serves as an incubator for other unique and uncommon creations

  • And now with her designs coming to the Camel Crush packs, MAF is going places — traveling the world and creating her own.

  • Photography by Carlos Rivero (

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