Savannah Skateboarding Process Book & Infographic

    Savannah. Skateboarding. Policy.
    A Potential Opportunity.
    Savannah, Georgia is a town full of wonder, rich history and am extreme amount of potential that is either looked over or under utilized. In this case, Skateboarding in Savannah is prominent of its college population, yet ghost-written policy and a lack of a legitimate discussion prevents Savannah from growing as a blossoming town.

    To make matters worse, the discussion of Skateboarding has become synonymous with a fly on a wall: agitating and a nuisance Savannah would rather have eliminated from the town altogether. It’s the opinion of the residents and it’s littered in the news media. But surely something can be done about this right?
    That’s where we come in.

    As an Industrial Design course in Savannah at SCAD called Contextual Research Methods, our class was tasked with understanding the culture of Savannah. From there, we split into groups and our group’s objective was to find the missing links between that and the Skateboarding culture from the perspective of policy.

    About five weeks, three interviews and seventy cups of coffee later, this book contains what we found.

    Infographic Detail