Dark Matter II

    D a r k  M a t t e r  II 
  • Dark Matter is inspired by a scientific concept of the same name, a form of matter that cannot be directly detected, yet boasts dramatic influence seen at the largest scale in the form of gravity. By exposing iron filings to an invisible magnetic field, the work imagines dark matter particles and their interactions with normal matter through gravity, as seen from a higher dimension, or bulk, in which both are visible. The resulting forms are dynamic, abstract sculptures that celebrate the wonders of the known and unknowable forms of nature.

    To help illustrate the convoluted relationships dark matter might have with normal matter, great effort was taken to render the fine detail of the iron filings and the complex structures they create. Up to 40 photographs were taken per image with a 150 megapixel medium format camera system and stacked to create a high resolution final product that best exemplifies the intricate qualities of the sculptures.

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