Kingdom Death: Monster Locations

  • Kingdom Death: Monster wrapped up a very successful Kickstarter (check it out here) earlier this year. I designed and illustrated many of the locations and events. The game's art direction seeks to be beautiful but creepy, citing referneces like Geiger, Kentaro Miura's Berserk, and Stephen Gammell. 
    Kingdom Death: Monster was also featured in Wired Magazine and by Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters on their site, Tested.
    KD is directed and owned by the illustrious Adam Poots. 
    Kingdom Death Monster is shipping in 2016.

    Some work is published under my maiden name, Melissa Natalie Curtin, or nickname, Nat Kay.
  • The large location cards for Kingdom Death: Monster. Monster ships Q3 this year.
    As players civilizations advance, they can build greater and more specialized locations, each allowing certain events to occur or tools to be made.
  • An in-game event.
  • The Silkmaker's Tent, built from the silks - and body parts - of the giant spider.
  • The silkmaker's loom is fashioned from the clawed arms of the spider. The player has to defeat the giant spider to build this location.
  • Spider egg sacs. Closeup of Silk location.
  • A survivor harvests amongst baby spiders.
  • An in-game event.
  • The lair of the alchemist, one of the few locations that are "indoors". The world's lanscape is dotted with the tiny faces.
  • The Mask Maker's location. Each mask is a twisted representation of a Kingdom Death world monster.
  • A closeup of the White Lion mask.
  • The Stone Circle.
  • Kingdom Death in play.