Spy Optic Happy Lens Campaign

  • Copy for print ads:
    It's hard to see joy in the world.
    But that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for it. Joy is there; sometimes it's just hard to see. Happy Lenses absorb the sun's good light waves, giving you good vibes and a better perspective. See what joy others have seen at seehappy.com.
    It's not easy to spot good around you.
    It's a challenge to view bliss in some situations.
  • The Daily Good page is a hub for Good News stories. When the hashtag "#dailygood" is used on Twitter, it's uploaded via RSS to this page. There is also an RSS link to the Huffington Post Good News website so that new stories are constantly being linked.
  • The Wear Happy page allows users to upload a photo of themselves and try on different styles of Happy Lenses.
  • The Share Good Vibes page is where users can upload their own photos of what makes them happy and accumulate points for a discount on the glasses. They can also share other's photos that inspire them or make them happy to their social media.
  • Here is an example of sharing a good vibe on a friend's Facebook page.