Bike Shop Research

  • How can a beginner cyclist’s shopping experience be improved?
  • Through on-site research at our focus site, we discovered that the amount of clutter within the store created confusion for the customers.  The bikes within the store also needed an organizational system.
  • At our secondary site, which served as a positive template, we noticed that the organization within the shop was well thought out and understandable.  The bikes had a sensible organization system and the overall layout of the store was open and clean, even with a space almost 75% smaller than our focus site. 
  • The final solution we developed was centered around an open shop layout.  We repositioned the employee work area to the middle of the store and created ample walking space through out.
  • Additionaly, we created a self help system that allows the customer to narrow down their bicycle search to a hand full of bikes that fit their needs.  At that point, the system directs the customer to an employee for help making the final decision.