The Glossier App

  • The Glossier App is a mockup project for the beauty brand Glossier.
  • The mobile application was idealized as part of the final project for the Digital Marketing class at Università di Roma La Sapienza.
  • Home page and menu.
  • Catalog and product page.
  • The Glow Hunt section is an in-store treasure hunt powered by augmented reality technology. 
    Each clue talks about a product or a detail in the store.
    As soon as the phone camera recognizes the target, the user earns one star. 
    A free gift can be collected when the user earns the five stars.
  • On the Try On section, the user can try Glossier specific products with virtual reality technology. They can also try
    different looks curated by the Glossier team, with the possibility to add all the look's products in the shopping cart.
  • The user can also get creative and play around with the feature.
    They can choose a background, set a filter, put stickers and share the collage on their Instagram stories.
  • The Daily Glow is a section where the user can find tutorials and stories related to the brand everyday on the palm of the hand.
  • Glossier Play, chat and wallpapers sections.
  • App store page
  • Information architecture