iOS Contacts Redesign

  • This is a redesign of the current iOS contacts interface, specifically for iPhone. The goal was to resolve specific problems users found with their everyday use of the interface by giving them the ability to organize their contacts in several ways, as well as giving them more flexibility in the organization. I also eliminated some unnecessary buttons by replacing them with swipe motions based off the mental models of check marks and x's.
  • Scenarios, Wireframes, and User Personas
    I began the process of redesigning the interface by analyzing the steps taken to complete specific tasks in the current interface, and adjusting these processes to make them more efficient. Some of these processes changed as I received feedback and moved onto the next steps of the process. In conjunction with the scenarios, I created wireframes as my starting point for the design. I also developed user personas to guide the choices i made for the interface.
  • Designs
    My final designs were created after feedback on the above items. There have been some changes in the processes, such as swiping in an "x" to delete a contact that is open, or swiping a check mark to finish edits to a contact.