FITC 2019 Toronto Opening Titles

  • I had a great opportunity to contribute as a 2D motion designer creating 2019 FITC Toronto’s titles directed by Beeple AKA Mike Winkelmann.

    It was really fun to explore designing a set of geometric based characters that were used as various transitions between 3D scenes. I created clean shapes that were incorporated with vivid colors and small details. I made sure the whole 2D aesthetic would go well with the established 3D world created by Mike. I also had a chance to design the second set of characters that would be a part of the main character’s room posters. 

    Openings for FITC

    Directed by Beeple /
    Music by Joyryde - "IM GONE"

    3D Artists : David Ariew, Charles Deck, Jon Hutton, Luis Miranda, Christopher Rutledge, Stylow, Beeple
    2D Artists : Sam Burton, Sofie Lee, Pleasecallmechamp, Deekay Kwon, Seongjin Yoon

    Costumes : Jenpoe, Stanky Dee

  • Animated by Seongjin Yoon / @seongjineim
  • Animated by Pleasecallmechamp / @champmotion
  • Animated by Deekay Kwon / @deekaymotion