Higanbana ii | 彼岸花开 ii

  • Higanbana ii | 彼岸花开 ii


    The concept of the series is inspired by the Higan bana flower. The thin nickel silver wires represents the stamen part of the flower. In Japan, the flower symbolize the memories of sorrow, it usually represents the farewell of lovers. The growth habits of the flower is unique - leaves are not visible when the flowers are blooming, but not when there are leaves. Between the flowers and leaves, they never appear at the same time. The jewelry took concept from the relationship - the left and right part is close to each other, but they never intersect. 
    “彼岸花开”系列灵感来源于彼岸花。配饰两侧的细镍银线代表了花蕊。在日本,彼岸花象征着悲伤的回忆,因为它盛开在秋彼岸期间,同时也是是祭祀的时期,在人际关系中彼岸花也意味着分别。花的生长习性也很独特 - 花开时看不见叶子,而有叶子时却看不见花。花叶之间,始终不能相见,生生相错。受此启发,珠宝的左右两部分互相贴近,却永不相触。

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    Higanbana ii | 彼岸花开 ii
    Designer - Yuanzheng Yang 杨元政
    Sterling silver, Facet stone, Nickel silver (Tiny wires)
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