HUYA brand new logo promotion

  • New Logo Promotion of HUYA

  • Not long ago, the company of the game live streaming platform in China, Huya, released their brand new logo design on the first anniversary of their listing. They hope to show themselves more fully to the world.​​​​​​​
    They hope that the concept of parallel universe can be integrated into a city, nine sections are presented through the shape of the nine squares, and their new logo are subtly presented.
    Clint: Huya
  • We invited nine illustrators from all over China who were assigned to various parts of the picture. They use personal style and techniques to portray the content of the sections. Then, through the setting of the color, the overall coordination and the highlight of the logo are controlled.

    So, here are the results of our nine illustrators working together.
    The world of HUYA.
  • When we look at the big picture, the brand logo is clear at a glance, but when we approach each part, the styles and ideas are different and very interesting.
  • More interestingly, in the draft phase, we can't preview the final result. But the results gave us a lot of surprises.
    Now that we have finished watching the whole work, let's take a look at each part of the illustration work.
  • ▲ 1st part, by Aibo-Fly
  • ▲ 2nd part, by 周天乐
  • ▲ 3rd part, by Sypo Shaw
  • ▲ 4th part, by Bohr
  • ▲ Central Part, by Yao Yu
  • ▲ 6th part, by FEITUFEI
  • ▲ 7th part, by ES
  • ▲ 8th part, by 9523
  • ▲ the Last part, by 曾仙桃

  • Thank you for watching!!!