Spin Bottle Opener

  • photography by Sean Davidson
  • Spin Bottle Opener
    open bottles, spins like a top

    I’d been wanting to design a bottle opener for about 3 years at this point. I’d come up with previous designs, but found them to be extraneous and they didn’t seem to push the idea of a bottle opener. While exploring bottle opener ideas in VR, I thought it would be interesting to constrain my design by using the revolve tool. This gradually led me to create a spun form and add a handle. The resulting form resembled the classic spinning top toy. It felt like a perfect juxtaposition of functional object and a playful fidget toy.  

    The Spin bottle opener opens bottles and spins like a toy top. Milled out of aluminum, Spin is a fun fidget toy to play with at a party or a perfect desk object for happy hour. Spin can be purchased at almostobject.com .
  • Spin is available to purchase at almostobject.com
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