SPACE EXPLORER | Jewelry X Digital Art Collaboration

  • Jewelry X 15 Creative Industries Collaboration 06 - Digital Art

    Jewelry X 15 Creative industries Collaboration is a series of work related to the jewelry industry and 15 other creative careers such as animation, graphic design and so on. The aim of this project is to find out how the concept of jewelry is being used in other fields and what is the relationship between them. 

    Weixuan and I decided to make a spaceship that is covered by gemstones. Just like the Swarovski products, the spaceship is made with sterling silver in high polish and the stones are Swarovski stones. The top of the spaceship is left out for the satellite, the contrast between silver and transparency stones brings the focal point to the upper level of the scene. The model was originally made in SketchUp, then imported to Rhinocero for the stone settings, then Rendered in KeyShot and edited with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Perspective View

  • Side / Back view
  • Wire Frame
  • Title - Jewelry X Digital Art Collaboration Project - THE SPACE EXPLORER
    Designer - Weixuan Huang, Yuna Yang
    Software - Rhinocero 6, KeyShot 8, Adobe Illustrator
    Contact - / 9124840230
    Thank you! 

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