Wait Weight

  • Wait Weight
    part kitchen timer, part paperweight
  • The original idea for the Wait Weight came about during my weekly sketch livestream called Late Nite Nick. I was sketching on ideas for the 2019 Sound and Vision exhibition by American Design Club . The prompt was to create an object that made sound. I started to brainstorm around alarms and thought that the classic kitchen timer was due for a redesign. After interacting with a live audience, I started to play around with different materials the timer could be. I thought concrete would be an interesting juxtaposition from the norm as well as add a bit of extra functionality being a heavy object.

    The Wait Weight is part weight, part timer. It can be used to prop open a door, time a pie baking in the oven, or can be set atop a phone to keep you on task. The handle is used to pick up the weight and also functions as the time selector. Each face counts ten minute increments, and every edge is an additional five.
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