Teens Against Bullying Re-Design

  • This is a re-design of 'Pacer Center's Teens Against Bullying' brand and website. 
    Teens Against Bullying is a great orginization that helps teens who are the victims, bystanders, or bullys. They provide a large amount of information, testimonials, resources, and teen celebrity endorsements. 
    Thier current website (shown below) is not reflective of teens today or what they are doing in the community. The teens shown are very distorted, the style is an out of date trend, it overall has an angry feel, and is all in flash (cannot be viewed on most apple or mobile devices). 
  • I wanted to create a brand that was fresh, encouraging, empowering, and welcoming to teens and visitors of the site. 
    When researching the site users were already shortening the organization to TAB, so I followed thier lead and shortened it as well. 
    I gained inspiration from the mood board below based on what teens today are purchasing and what is inviting to them. 
  • As well as updating the site, I wanted to add a mobile version to be accessed anonymously (for the safety of the teens) to gain information, advice, or plan an event to raise awareness. 
    Below is the:
    Loading Screen
    Home Screen
    Profile Screen
    Forum Screen