LUX Cosmetics

  • I created a high-end cosmetic line, concentrating on the products. LUX is a brand that focuses on the customer recieving the best quality.
    When purchasing the customer will find these products in a high-end cosmetic store, like 'Sephora' or 'Ulta,' where a section of the store designed as a vanity will have a LUX associate waiting to assist you to find your best selections. The few products that are not being used as samples will be located in the drawers of the vanity, waiting to be taken home to fit into any woman's own personal vanity. 
  • This line was intended to have a minimalistic design in order to clear up a woman's vanity of the abonoxious products sold today, to fit in with any vanity, and to leave the focus on the quality products. 
    Each shade and tint are synonyms of the word luxurious to instill confidence in the consumer about themselves and the product.  (Brilliant, Classic, Gorgeous, Refined, Flawless, Opulent, & Posh)
  • Box Description:
    Ten years ago LUX was created in Chicago, IL. Our goal is to bring you a quality cosmetic product that
    can fit into your vanity. We focus our products on just that, the product. Just the best quality products
    without the gimmicks.     
    Feel LUXurious. 
  • When bringing the product home the consumers are ensured they made the right choice in products by the soft touch paper used for the outer boxes. The surprise is revealed opening the box with a small drawer lined in a textured pebble paper protecting the product.