Bee Meadow Pattern Collection

  • The inspiration and theme behind this pattern stems from the declining bee population. The collection illustrates busy bees at work pollinating a field of their favorite flowers. Each of the illustrated plants found within the design are particularly bee friendly varieties that people can plant in their gardens to help the bees. This pattern collection is meant to be aesthetically pleasing with bright fresh color and a playful overall feeling, but didactic as well. Its intended use is for stationary, home goods, and apparel, with the focus on children and those who are young at heart. 
  • I began this pattern with the idea of creating a pleasing print that could also serve an educational function as well. I began by researching the flowers that bees find most appealing and began sketching. Each element was vectored and composed together with the bees into an overall pattern. The color scheme is quite naturalistic as a result - I kept the colors fairly true to the plants and flowers themselves. Bees are most attracted to flowers in the yellow, blue, and purple color range, creating a cohesive color palette. Secondary patterns and an alternate colorway are included in the collection.