Sumatran Jungle Pattern Collection

  • This pattern collection was inspired by the endangered animals of the Sumatran jungle.
    I wanted to include different endangered species throughout the pattern, but I also wanted to emphasize the natural environment where these species are found. I therefore chose to focus on a jungle ecosystem in order to illustrate the wide variety of foliage and plant life that is part of the animals’ environment. Each animal in the pattern represents a critically endangered species found on the jungle island of Sumatra - an area extremely threatened by deforestation that contains one of the widest range of critically endangered species. 

  • I began by narrowing down the animals I wanted to represent to just 8 of the many species that are threatened in the region. Each motif was sketched and then vectored before being arranged in the pattern. Two secondary patterns, a spot illustration, and an alternate colorway round out the collection.
    The target audience for this collection is animal-lovers of all ages, but particularly those who are young at heart. Despite the serious theme, I still wanted the collection to feel somewhat fun and playful, with the intended use being for stationary, home goods, and children’s clothing and accessories.