Fender Pedals

  • Fender Pedals
  • Fender wanted to showcase their line of guitar effects pedals across web and social channels, so we crafted a modular narrative that could be shared as 1 full-length piece as well as a series of 6 short vignettes.
  • The Journey
  • Inspired by the best of Saturday morning cartoons and the spirit of rock n’ roll, we created a story where our hero is rewarded with a coveted Fender pedal after defeating 5 different bosses. Each boss’ vignette embodies the sonic feel of each pedal and is accompanied by original music featuring the sounds of the pedals themselves.  At the end, our hero reaches the Temple of Tone, where the final pedal is bestowed upon him by the Almighty God of Rock.
  • Illustration
  • Process
  • Illustration: Michael Burdick
  • Illustration: Michael Burdick
  • Left: Ryan Boyes | Middle: Matthew Everton | Right: Ryan Boyes
  • Illustration: Michael Burdick | Cel Animation: Rachel Reid, Ryan Boyes | 2D & 3D Animation: Marcus Bakke 
  • Illustration: Michael Burdick | Cel Animation: Ryan Boyes | 3D Animation: John Hughes, Colling Leix
  • Illustration: Andy Most/ Michael Burdick
    Directed by Gunner​​​​​​​
    Project Lead: John Hughes
    Story: Michael Burdick
    Animation Direction: John Hughes
    Art Direction: Michael Burdick
    Illustration: Michael Burdick, Andy Most, Jay Quercia, John Hughes, Collin Leix,
    Cel Animation: Matthew Everton, Ryan Boyes, Rachel Reid, Andy Most, Jessica Rowden, Eli Watkins, James Noellert, Collin Leix, Michael Burdick, John Hughes
    2D Animation: Marcus Bakke, Collin Leix, John Hughes, Ian Sigmon, Nick Forshee
    3D Animation: Collin Leix, John Hughes, Marcus Bakke
    Producer: Brandon Delis
    Music & Sound:  Proper
    Client: Fender