• Alexandra Munro and Marcelo Meneses approach the word "reunion" in an abstract way by using only shapes and music to drive the animation forward. The style is simple and elegant, with slow camera drifts and cutting in between the two shapes. The music will also play an important role as well since we’ll be synchronizing the piano notes with the shapes colliding.

    The story begins by these two shapes that are considerably far apart and suspended in space. They start colliding with other shapes as the piano plays and they begin to be launched forward towards each other. When the music stops for a brief moment, gravity comes back on and they fall but as soon as the piano hits again, they become suspended again. They circle around each other like to massive objects pulling on each other’s gravity, and finally they merge into an organic shape with the rest of them revolving around them.

    Cinema 4D, After Effects
    Music: Reunion by Todd Baker