How can we improve the recruiting experience?

  • Team
    Juliana Toledo - UX Lead
    Antonio Duarte - UX Designer
    Marília Procopio - UX Designer

    HR Department, Globosat

  • Problem
    Participating in a recruiting process can be a stressful and long experience for both candidates and managers. The Globosat’s HR department made it a goal to identify the main pain points involved, develop a satisfaction strategy and design an action plan for the following year to improve it, Embracing diversity was also a company goal.
  • Approach
    With only 3 months to the end of the year, we have established a timetable with clear steps and points of contact to align project expectations.

    It was of major importance to keep a very close relationship with the HR team, as they were the holders of the process and suffered as much from the pain points as managers and candidates.
  • Shadowing
    To map the workflow we spent 4 days with the team of HR analysts, watching them work behind their shoulders

    What we observed
    Day-to-day processes
    Remote interviews
    Face-to-face interviews
    Profile Alignment with managers
    Positive feedbacks for candidates

    After the shadowing we felt comfortable to sketch the current recruiting workflow.
  • Semi structured interviews

    Deepening the issues raised during the initial investigation
    Validation of the pain points, habits and expectations from the agents studied

  • CSD matrix (Certainties, Suppositions, Doubts)
    Making a CSD matrix was key to align our main doubts and suppositions about the process. Then, it became much easier to write the scripts based on what we hoped to clarify.
  • Who we talked to

  • The managers and candidates we talked to had been through the recruiting process recently (last 2 months).

    Besides providing us information to build personas and journey maps, the interviews raised a few alerts we felt we should report. They were about manager-HR relationship, pain points regarding experiences not related to the recruiting process and manager feelings about embracing diversity in their teams.
  • Persona development
    We created personas in order to easily communicate motivation and needs and to consolidate the discovery phase in a visual way.

    It was also important for the HR to have a better view of the candidates' different profiles, to bring more diversity to the company. 
    • HR analyst 
    • Manager
    • Candidate
    • Candidate (PWDS)
    • Intern Candidate (proto-persona)
  • Journey Map

    Exposing new value-added opportunities for candidates, managers and recruiters
    It was also an opportunity to show the HR’s workflow in a more friendly way. We divided it in 3 main parts. 

    1. Opportunity
    The manager makes a request for a new employee, the request follows an approval’s flow, the recruiting analyst receives the demand and aligns the vacancy’s profile with the manager.

    2. Recruiting
    The vacancy gets published, candidates start applying, the HR starts screening, interviewing and conducting other recruiting phases depending of the vacancy’s profile. The manager works alongside the HR analyst during the recruiting phases.

    3. Definition
    The HR analyst and manager talk about the candidates and the manager makes a choice. The recruiter presents the proposal and negotiates with the selected candidate. The recruiter ends the process in the system and directs the selected person to the admission’s department.
  • Collaborating for the solution

    It wouldn’t make sense to propose solutions from our outsider point of view. So, we invited the whole recruiting team to look at the pain points and propose their own solutions to them.

    Our role was to facilitate their brainstorm minimizing hierarchy issues through an ideation workshop.
  • After the workshop, we consolidated the solutions presented to help them develop their Action plan. 
  • Blueprint

    To conclude, we summarize the experience of all the agents of the journey in a blueprint.
  • Action Plan

    The Action plan was the HR corporate goal. The HR team developed it themselves and we were invited to present it alongside them to the board of directors.

    We also helped them develop some of the solutions like designing the satisfaction survey for managers and candidates. Others are still in development like a chatbot to help managers make the formal request in the system.