American Model United Nations

  • As a rebranding project, I chose to create a new logo and branding standards for the American Model United Nations. There are several model United Nations programs, and all of them seem to have the same boring design methods. I chose to focus on the diversity, experiences, and vibrance of such a program through its marketing and branding materials.
  • Some of the materials created for the brand focus on their anual conference, held every year in November in Chicago. I created materials that would be given to each of the members that would attend the conference, including a member id card, two informational pamphlets, and a folder to keep all the materials, notes, and miscellaneous paperwork together.
  • This was my final solution for the logo. The overlapping and transparencies represent diversity and collaboration. The interconnected 'U' and 'N' show unity and strangth, as each letterform balances the other. The squares represent structure and stability.
  • The front of the folder the AMUN members would receive as they arrive to the conference.
  • This would be the member id card given to each individual who attends the conference. The shape is derived from the negative space between the 'U' and 'N' of the logo.
  • The member card would fit into one of the inner pockets of the folder.
  • I created two pamphlets in conjunction with the folder that each member would receive as part of their welcome package. One, the Event Guide, would highlight all of the simulations and events the members could attend during the week.
  • The final page would highlight the mission of the conference and the American Model United Nations.
  • The other pamphlet would highlight different places, events, and restaurants that the members may want to visit or attend during their stay. The conference is held every year in Chicago, and the cultural experiences of the city is very important for those that attend.