This is our Creative Street!!!

  • Creative Street Project

    At the beginning of this month, in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, we invited dozens of illustrators and designers to create a New Year's creative street. There are 39 groups of creators involved in the exhibition. They include independent illustrators, commercial brands and creative studios.

    Each participating creator will draw a store with a wide variety of styles, including but not limited to bookstores, cafes, grocery stores, information desks, toy stores, western restaurants, Chinese restaurants, soda shops, burgers, hat shops, fixed gear shop even contains a toilet.

    We set different stores according to the order of the categories, and invited many illustrators to place their character design works on the street to represent pedestrians, and then an illustrator draws the necessary elements such as trees, green plants and landscapes on the street. Thereby forming a complete street.

  • #1 Shop Designs

  • 脑洞脑子,   Jerry Low,   西朴Sypo

  • MOOTH studio,   猴汤,   阿骏

  • Xiaoqian Li,   小林桂子limtt,   Mr.SOL

  • Alfie&Buddy + 疯三FENGSAN,   小鱼绘过敏,   E2 zmz

  • Vanya,   XYZ,   陈嘛鸡

  • #2 Various styles of characters

  • Thanks to every illustrator who provided the character image.

    瞿三儿,  FIREYE,  白鸠real,  -猫又Neko-,  布袋BUDDHA,  大---燈,  排骨chop,  FEITUFEI,  heu3-,  无敌战斗A,  ES女王样,  酸一颗-好运公司,  留留Lmiao,  脑洞脑子,  鸭嘴狩,  王会慧Cloozyyy,  小阿尔法Alpha,  小狼-wolfbaby,  toyoya,  阿Dann,  FENGSAN疯三,  WANANNN,  逆行阿星,  InfiniStudio,  linsongsong,  约翰强尼,  Tugen_Wang,  keiniji,  主内的纹身师_松,  牙疼的娜娜,  棱小宇,  一椿真人,  littlecandiary,  再强,  倪小婷Cherryni,  棍棍,  margaret-lor,  大面包插画,  无敌战斗A,  王大爷老生气,  jerrycallme,  MOOTH_林P酱,  王小鹿,  大力宇宙空间站,  我叫静籽,  ako_阿空,  西早,  钰钰_梁,  Roiny_,  吾空空,  我就是松鼠大人,  Ricko_Zhang,  麦吱,  Zu_Lau,  郑浪舟,  丁几huangding,  猫头鹰Harvey,  Mr_张小左,  小鱼绘过敏,  插画星球,  bollte,  東山旭-,  嘛鸡maji,  小林桂子limtt,  中鸟lc,  晓前是幻觉,  柒秒Niut,  画画的小改,  PY小朋友,  c哈哈小子,  卷卷fighting.

    You can find the corresponding illustrator on Weibo by the above name.

  • #3 the Creative Street

    Below is the complete street scene, we recommend that you use your mobile phone to watch, and rotate the phone 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  • Thank you for watching!!!