Pro-sports Mashup

  • Recently, I came across a few mashup attempts of regional sports teams logos. A design that brought all of the sports fans in an area together with one logo seemed fantastic. Something along the lines of  "this is my city" or "this is our state" kinda feel which really appealed to me. I thought the idea was neat but the ones I saw lacked unity and excluded the MLS. 

    I wanted to give it a go myself, unifying these logos as a regional brand. So, I started to tackle cities with a minimum of three teams in the area. I approached the different logos as puzzle pieces, but with some of their drastically different styles, puzzling them together would take some creativity. Another challenge however was that each team needed a noticeable amount of recognition to avoid feeling left out. Using some principles of design such as hierarchy, balance, and repetition, combined with a color scheme that ties the logos together, these are the results of my efforts​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • A link to these logos on shirts and as stickers is as follows