Winter Motion Show 2019 Show Package

  • Winter Motion Show 2019

    20 students from Hongik University in South Korea visited California Institute of the Arts for an intensive 3 week motion design workshop taught by Michael Worthington, Carsten Becker, Jaime van Wart, and John Robson. The workshop culminated with a screening of all their pieces, open to the entire school and the public, at the CalArts Bijou Theatre.

    This is the show package for the event created in 8 days by CalArts graphic design students: Sam Jones, Huicheng Wu, Xiyu Deng, and Alexander Cheng.

    Show package consists of a poster, opening title, 24 animated gifs, 20 animated student title cards, and an end title.
  • Color scheme
  • Opening title sequence
  • Our concept was to show something uplifting and fun that would bring out the students personalities—using iconography that represented their experiences coming from South Korea to Los Angeles. We also wanted to illustrate how even during winter, LA is still sunny and full of color.
  • Typography for Calarts and Hongik University
  • Winter Motion Show initial typography
  • Poster design for the show
  • Each student was filmed separately performing an action, and then the raw footage was mixed with the animated gifs to create their individual animated student cards, which were then placed before each students' motion piece.
  • Initial sketches for animated gifs
  • Illustrations for animated gifs
  • A selection of the 20 animated student title cards
  • End title
  • The end of the screening at the Bijou Theatre at CalArts
  • Credits:
    Concept, Design, Animation:
    Sam Jones, Huicheng Wu, Xiyu Deng, Alexander Cheng

    Music: Broke for Free - Something Elated