Drive Title Sequence Design

  • Title Sequence design board for the movie "Drive". This is a group project for the 48 hours "Battle for The Boards" competition in SCAD. This title sequence for "Drive" revolves around the imagery of a street map, with all of its various lines and pathways, which we use to eventually reveal the silhouette of a scorpion, the animal which the Driver bears upon his jacket. Also, we also want to bring up the idea that the scorpion also represent the main character’s personality, which is mysterious and dangerous. As he keep driving thoughout his whole journey, it starts to reveal his persosonality which hide deep inside him. The colors are reminiscent of 80's glam and neon, contrasting bright pinks with the dark environment, which show the essense of time in the movie.
    collaboration with Christian Kay / Isabella Carpella / Daniel Visconti