Back in 5 Minutes 1- Typography Exhibition

  • During March 2013, Salon91 Gallery celebrated design and typography with ‘Back in 5 minutes’ an exhibition featuring an award winning set of local designers, typographers and illustrators, including Ben Johnston, Clinton Campbell of Studio Muti, Clement de Bruin, Justin Southey, & Dani Loureiro. Each artist has approached the discipline of typography in a fresh & unique style, playing with scale, materials, surface quality, form, colour, dimensionality & of course, words.
    This collection showcases the hand drawn and textural pieces
  • Promotional video by Nicholas James
  • Gallery Window
  • Flyer Artwork
  • Lost in the Deep Blue Sea
    Layered lazer cut wood and perspex piece. Hand painted gradient
  • Dimes at Dawn
    Pencil on Ashrad Paper
  • The Sweetness of a Weary Morning
    Typography lazer engraved into clear perspex, layered over hand drawn pattern on ashrad paper
  • Type was hand drawn and then vectorised.
  • Digital mock up
  • Detail
  • Artwork was hand drawn and then vectorised
  • A Song to Pass Time
    Lazer engraved into white perspex
  • Detail
  • Brutal Hot Siren Whining Night
    Pen and ink on ashrad paper
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Salon 91 Gallery
  • Salon 91 Gallery