Slow justice - Boston Globe True Crime Issue

  • The Issue on True Crime
  • SLOW JUSTICE / Julian Cartie murder

    The following is one of five scratchboard illustrations that I did for the Boston Globe on their special Issue on True Crime. The full articles can be read at this link: Boston Globe
    • Edited by Alex Kingsbury and Jeremy D. Goodwin 
    • Art Director: Heather Hopp-Bruce 

    Five stories on unsolved New England homicides, each with a square piece of art around 10" X 10".
    The idea was depicting the scene of the crime but with no bodies and make something seemingly benign look sinister and dangerous. I researched photos, maps and photos of the places, objects found on the sites and even the actual weather on the day the crimes occurred in order to portray an accurate picture of the scenes.
  • The story is about Julian Cartie, a 25-year-old National Guardsman and former high school football star who was shot on the street in downtown Springfield, MA. It still remains known who did it or why.
  • I made some studies of the place where the murder happened using Google maps and other photos from old the original publication of the case, I also verified dates, times and weather of the day it happened and discovered that it had snowed that day. This gave me a new element to work with that I had not considered before. 

    I made ten thumbnail sketches and choose the 5 most compelling. chose the four most compelling. This one was pretty straightforward, the art director chose one of the sketches as final.
  • Once the comp was approved I started the illustration on scratchboard. I did transfer the drawing to the clayboard using the same technique I used with Niko Nunez illustration. 
  • I will upload the actual photo of the newspaper when I find it in my studio. For now, here's a mockup. This illustration was the cover for that issue.