World Tour Marketing Campaign

  • Objective:  
    To promote Distil as a new up coming young brand which continues the value and design language from GIVENCHY by using a unique way to showcase the product and gain awareness from the fashion industry, the media as well as the younger luxury customer. 

    / Design a unique tour bus to show the new collection’s samples and fitting rooms so that the customer can get in the bus and try them and be excited about it.
    / A pre-order system will be featured on the bus. After trying on clothes, the customer will be able to place an order before the merchandises goes to store. They will get the clothes as soon as the clothes are manufactured for sale.
    / A professional fashion photo booth will be featured on the bus. After trying on the clothes, the customer can choose to have a professional photo shoot with the their favorite clothes. The photos will be streamed on Kepler’s website and apps. 
    / The bus will feature a DJ and Bar featured with the photo booth. Customers can have drinks with friends. The bus can be treated like a relaxing and entertaining spot instead of a traditional show room.
  • Here is a draft design of the exterior of the Kepler Tour Bus. The theme image is used as a full coverage of the bus along with the Kepler logo. The image is unique and vivid which directly communicates the brand style and the collection’s inspiration to the customer.
  • Here is a bird-eye view of the interior floor plan for the Kepler Tour Bus. The dash line shows step-by-step the customer’s journey through the visit on the bus. 
    According to the goal of this marketing event, the function of each section is carefully designed considering the consumer’s shopping behavior and the brand’s image.
    Visitors will start from the show room of the Kepler collection; they can touch it, feel it then choose one or two pieces to try on in the fitting room featured in the rear of the bus. Meanwhile, there is a professional fashion photo shoot spot for them to receive a magazine-like picture with the Kepler collection. The pictures will be live streamed on the iPad app to show to others all over the world. In addition, a DJ and Bar will featured on the side of the photo booth. While the visitors are waiting for the photo shoot, they can have a drink and enjoy the music.

  • Here is a rough sketch of the view from the entry to the inside of the bus. On the right hand, a unique hanging installation will show Kepler’s apparel collection. On the other side will be a T-bar feature which shows the accessories of the collection. Behind this section are two inventory rooms to stuff a full sized range of the products for customers to try on.
  • Here is a sketch of the view front the exit to the inside of the bus. On the left hand will be a photo booth feature where customers can take pictures for the try-ons; behind it, a computer with internet will provide access for the visitor to pre-order the collection on the bus. Also, the bus will provide a WIFI access for the visitor on the bus to share their comments and pictures with friends on social networks.
    The interior design of the bus will use mirror textured materials as well as futuristic purple colored materials to communicate along with the inspiration of the collection which will be cohesive with the design of the product as well.

  • Here is the map showing the locations with the schedule of the world tour bus. Due to cost projections for the bus tour, and in order to reduce the cost of the transporting the bus over seas, there will be five tour buses individually manufactured in the following  area which are Europe, America, North Asia, East Asia as well as south Asia.
    The Tour Bus departures from Paris and shows up in different locations according to the schedule. The event focuses on major cities in the fashion industry, especially the emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.