• Memo
    The smart post-it note.

    Memo is a 10 week group project following this prompt, design an IoT device with plastic injection molding process in mind.
    We strived to create a device that would facilitate light note taking for students and working professionals. It would be portable with long lasting battery life and work with all your cloud services.

  • Inspiration & sketch development

  • As a team we constructed multiple foam models to narrow down the perfect height and angle for ergonomics.

  • Memo’s e-ink display supports touch and and pressure inputs, which means you can use your fingers, a pencil, or even a toothpick.

  • The dock syncs and charges the Memo pad but also doubles as a wireless charger for your devices.

  • Equipped with a pair of microphones Memo can record clear audio, perfects for lectures or voice notes.

  • Once docked memo syncs with all your cloud services, google keep, apple notes, and even your calendars.

  • Memo won’t let you forget important events and reminders, an LED ring in the base flashes to make sure of it.

  • Internal configurations of the parts and their respective PCB.

  • 3D printed models both in assembled and exploded view.

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