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    Animation Take

    The assignment was to create an animation "take," which is when a character suddenly reacts in a shocking or surprised manner. This animation was originally created in Fall 2016 for the Principles of Animation class. I decided to recreate this animation digitally on the Summer of 2018.
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    The digital version of this animation was created on Adobe Animate CC. Effects and sound were added later using Adobe After Effects.
    The sound was created using Roli's Lightpad Block M. playing the SWAM tenor sax.

    I began individually animating each part of the character, as noticed with the various colors. After, I made cleaner lines for each part and filled them in. At the end, I added the small details with thin black lines.
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    Still Frames​​​​​​​
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    Original Animation

    The original animation was created with pencil on paper and then scanned.